Ads Rotation vs Ads Optimisation

Ads Rotation vs Ads Optimisation – Which Is Better?

by Weave Asia

As the world is leaning towards the digital realm, there is a significant need for businesses to adapt digital marketing strategies to stay competitive and reach their target audience effectively. 

Fortunately, there are two strategies of advertising to potential consumers. Businesses can benefit from it as the advertisements are boosted to maximise ROI (Return on Investment), optimise campaign performance, and reach target audiences efficiently.

Search engines like Google offer businesses to promote their products and services through Ad Rotation and Ad Optimisation. Now, how do we know which one is better? Ultimately, these strategies highly depend on what you are prioritising. 

Let’s delve deeper into this topic straightaway!


What is Ad Rotation and Ad Optimisation?

  1. Ad Rotation

Generally, Ad Rotation involves rotating a variety of ads that you have lined up on multiple occasions. Each ad has different visual elements, keywords, and much more. 

These ads will be distributed evenly depending on how frequent you want or number of clicks, or conversion rates, and so on. There are several types of ad rotation you may wanna check out:


  • Optimise for Clicks: This strategy shows ads that are expected to get more clicks based on past performance. It aims to maximise the number of clicks an ad receives.
  • Optimise for Conversions: This approach prioritises ads that are likely to lead to specific actions, such as purchases or sign-ups. It uses data on past conversions to determine which ads to show.
  • Rotate Evenly: Ads are shown equally, ensuring each ad gets a fair share of impressions. This is useful for testing different ad variations or when you want equal exposure for all ads.
  • Rotate Indefinitely: Ads rotate without optimisation based on clicks or conversions. This strategy gives full control over ad rotation without automatic adjustments based on performance data.
  • Rotate for a Set Period: Ads rotate evenly for a specified time period, such as every 30 days. Afterward, the platform may start optimising ad rotation based on performance.
  • Sequential Rotation: This strategy displays ads in a specific sequence or order, allowing advertisers to control the sequence in which ads are shown to users. It is often used for storytelling or sequential messaging in campaigns.


If you are new to advertising and you wanted to explore how it works, ad rotation would be a great option for you to find out which ad would appeal better to your audience. There would be room for improvement and an opportunity to learn what works for you effectively.


  1. Ad Optimisation

In the context of Ad Optimisation, this strategy involves using algorithms and data which prioritises top-performing ads for higher visibility. Ad Optimisation is implemented only when you have identified which ads work the best for you. 

These kinds of ads are typically visually appealing, boast high conversion rates, and receive high click-through rates. 

There are three methods of Ad Optimisation which include automated bidding strategies, performance-based optimisation, and machine learning algorithms.

  • Automated bidding strategies: This method automatically adjusts your bid based on your goals without maxing out of your budget and it reaches your target audience effectively.
  • Performance-based optimisation: This method involves enhancing your ads even better based on how well it perform in terms of conversion rates, click-through rates, and so on.
  • Machine learning algorithms: This method analyses data to learn patterns and consumer behaviour to predict which ad will perform the best and show the best ads to the right audience who are most likely to see it. 


Which is Better?

Ultimately, choosing the right strategy highly depends on your goals. If you are in the mood of exploring and experimenting on which ads will work the best, Ad Rotation would definitely be able to help you. You can figure out which ads are the best in attracting higher conversion rates and higher click-through rates.

Perhaps, you already know which ads are the best, and you want to maximise it effectively, then Ad Optimisation can bring you a better result for your business.

End Note

Ad Rotation and Ad Optimisation have definitely been a game changer for businesses all around the world. Both strategies are useful in promoting your products and services, locally and globally. The most important thing is to know what goals you want to achieve and prioritise it.

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