How To Ace The Social Media Game On Facebook, Instagram And LinkedIn

How To Ace The Social Media Game On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

by Weave Asia

If you are not on social media, you don’t exist. That’s the reality of operating a business in this day and age. But getting on those platforms is technically free – what’s needed however, is the time investment needed to cultivate an audience on all those platforms.

The first thing you’ll need to realise is that each platform has their particularities. Facebook for instance caters to an older crowd, where groups are still active and comments sections can be a way to get noticed. Instagram is not just visually driven, but also the place where the bulk of millennials spend their time. LinkedIn is perhaps the only outlier as it caters to job seekers and business professionals. This will be the place to build your B2B network.

Here’s How To Gain Influence In Each Platform.



Facebook has a slightly older group of users for whom sharing articles and engaging in the comments section will get you noticed. This group of users also use Messenger to communicate. To influence this group of consumers, it’s important to come across as thought leaders. This could come in the form of publishing your own content, but also republishing others. Of course, the content you post as a business needs to come from reputable sources. Be sure to engage your followers by replying to comments or at the very least, like them.



Instagram started out visually driven, which in itself demands for a curated feed but its Stories function has, in recent years, been a way for users to share their lives in fast and informal ways without the need to beautify everything. It has also become space to build communities. To garner influence on Instagram you will need to have an eye for photos but also spend some time liking and commenting on user’s posts. You should also post regularly on IG Stories so your brand and profile will keep appearing to your followers. Unlike Facebook and Linkedin, Instagram can be a numbers game so you will need to spend time to build yourself a following.


Linked In

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has a business-like or entrepreneurial edge. It’s similar to Facebook in that users have a tendency to post articles and engagement here can come in the form of liking posts, and comments as well as sharing content. As a business owner, content that has to do with your business will be appreciated here. Thought leadership articles in your particular industry will do well, and the fresher the insights the better. It does have an intellectual edge so take some time to draft quality copy and you will be rewarded by how far it can travel.

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