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Should You Hire a Social Media Agency or Keep it In-house?

by Weave Asia

Have you decided to double down on your social media strategy but now have the audacious task of choosing between hiring for an in-house team or outsourcing to an agency?

There are convincing reasons for both options so, it will come down to your unique situation. Stay with me to figure out which option (or both) is better for you as we deep-dive into the factors that include cost, scalability, expertise and goals.
Hire a marketing agency or outsource to freelancers when:


1. You Need To Scale Quickly On A Budget

If you need to grow your social media strategy fast or on short notice, an agency can execute much quicker than an individual because they already have the skills, processes, and tools in place. They’d distribute the workload amongst highly specialised individuals who will be able to hit the ground running when you need.


2. You Want To Automate Your Social Media And Have It Run Efficiently On Autopilot

Agencies come with past experience working with companies like you and have the best practices of running social media on hand. They will also have access to automation and analytical tools that might be costly for you to own. If you’re looking for a standard playbook to execute, agencies are the way to go, giving you time to focus on the essential parts of the business.


3. Need Diverse Skills And Expertise

When you hire an agency, you get a team of experts in their respective fields. They’d also have all the skillsets you’d need to run social media such as video editing, design, and copywriting. Whether these are technical skills or market insights, agencies that come with deep experience in your industry can help you edge out against the competition and be at the forefront of marketing.

Hire in-house or build a team when:

1. You have the resources to hire and train full-time staff
A common misconception is that hiring an agency is expensive, but the hidden cost of hiring someone full time can quickly build up too – annual salary, training, benefits and more. You’d also have to ensure the person is equipped with the right tools and is given continuous training to perform their jobs well.

2. You require freedom and agility
You will have better control over your strategy and avoid rigid contracts by hiring in-house. You will also benefit from close collaboration and the flexibility to change direction as needed. The proximity of your team will also enable quick response times and keep your strategy nimble.

3. You have a social media strategy that works and want to focus on branding
Once you move off autopilot mode, your social media strategy can become integral to your overall brand strategy. An in-house team will be dedicated to ensuring the tone and messaging is hyper-local and relevant. Internal employees tend to be more committed to the brand and company goals, resulting in high-quality content.



Whether you go in-house or hire a team, you will have to consider the variables such as cost, your market, and your ability to build a well-equipped team. Keep in mind that the decision does not have to be binary. The best route forward may be a combination of some in house hires, supplemented with a social media agency.

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