The Best Free Digital Marketing Courses To Supplement Your Business Team

The Best free Digital Marketing Courses To Supplement Your Business Team

by Weave Asia

Running a business is by no means a walk in the park, and if you’re the founder at the very early stages, every little cent counts.

All this makes investing into digital marketing a tricky business. This specialised field requires more than just marketing savoir faire, as in the age of the internet where we live and breathe online, it requires some understanding of data.

At the crux of it all is the need to garner attention to your business to generate leads, create conversions and increase revenue. Thankfully, businesses operating on shoestring budgets can look into free courses to sign up either yourself or someone on your team who is keen to wear many hats. 

From understanding content and SEO to social media to managing digital ad spend, here’s three of the most reputable free digital marketing courses to supplement your business.


Google Digital Garage

What better way to kickstart your learning than with free resources provided by internet giant Google. This isn’t just a free trial. In fact, there are 26 modules for learners to go through and each are divided into several lessons. It will take you from the fundamentals of building an online presence to understanding how search engines work to building your online shop and a deep dive into social media. The best part? It’s  accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University and all case studies given in these bite sized tutorials are living examples.

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Great Learning

If you’re looking to learn digital marketing with the possibility of branching further and deeper into the field then Great Learning is your go to place. There are 20 free lessons for beginners ranging from Search Engine Marketing to Google Search Campaigns each lasting from 30 minutes to a full two hours. The Analytics lessons will be particularly useful as the learnings from this facet of digital marketing can be taken and applied to just about any platform. Those who are ready to go further into paid courses can sign up for weekend lessons offered by faculties from renowned universities like NUS Business School and more.

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Hubspot Academy

Marketing software specialists Hubspot has an academy with a whole host of free digital marketing courses that come with certification to boot. It’s less structured than Google’s Digital Garage as you can sign up for individual courses based on your needs. There is the all encompassing Digital Marketing Course but there are also others like Youtube Marketing and Digital Advertising. Learners can dive into particular topics of interest divided into several lessons. Expect a series of videos from industry experts, influencers who will share their tips on growing a following and quizzes to cap off everything you’ve learnt.

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